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Kids Yoga improves:
concentration | group social dynamics |  feeling comfortable with themselves | reduces anxiety & stress

Kids Yoga Los AngelesKids’ Yoga is a fun way to exercise, learn, and to be able to sit still quietly, and enjoy doing so. Children learn to sit quietly and concentrate as a way to take care of themselves, not as a punitive gesture.

The purpose of Kids’ Yoga is to help them with balance and coordination. Kids’ Yoga helps children be quiet and still in body and mind. We teach not only individual exercises, but also focus on partner poses, to help with build communication, to learn how to help others and work together. Kids’ Yoga is a good outlet for energy and creativity.

Parents can anticipate that this is not a trimmed-down, kids’ version of adult’s yoga. Our Kids’ Yoga is specifically tailored to the children’s attention span and interest. Our philosophy is not so much that we’re teaching them yoga — we’re just reminding the children that they are already yogis. We creatively help them back into the poses that they already learned, i.e., Baby Pose, like when they were in the womb; or Cat-Cow, as they were first learning how to walk.

Kids Yoga Los AngelesFor ADHD/Autism/Special Needs, Kids’ Yoga helps the children sit and be still, and feel more comfortable and connected to their bodies. This connection brings about a real sense of joy and happiness, as they practice yoga. Kids’ Yoga helps children with autism feel more comfortable in group situations because it reduces anxiety and stress, which helps them feel calm.

As lessons progress, children with ADHD/Autism/Special Needs feel more comfortable holding the poses longer, and consequently, are more comfortable in their bodies. Autistic children in particular enjoy a routine, and they get that stability with yoga poses they learn on a consistent basis. Kids’ Yoga can help children with autism express themselves through their body, and understand and participate in healthy group dynamics.




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